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Title Negombo
Description Negombo was once a trading port for Portuguese and Dutch and is an ideal place for the tourists who need to access the airport. This city is also called a “ little Rome” because of its beautiful collection of Churches and Forts some of which date back to
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Situated on the coast north of the airport, Negombo, founded by the Moors, is now a predominately Catholic enclave. The architectural remnants of Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial years make it an interesting place to walk about. Attractions include decent beaches, colourful buildings, fishermen putting out to sea in outrigger sailboats and even a canal dug by the Dutch in the 18th century. The city itself can be seen on a day trip from Colombo, but we recommend spending at least a night so that day trips can be made farther north to see tile and batik factories and the sacred city of Anuradhapura. Be sure to sample some of the local fishermen's fresh catch. We often spend the first night in Sri Lanka in Negombo because it is close to the airport, we then end up in Colombo at the end of our tours.

Negombo is a fascinating area to visit during Christian holidays. Sri Lankan Christians pay homage to the saints with an enchanting blend of Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.
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