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Horton Plains
Title Horton Plains
Description Horton Plains National Park is in the highlands of the country belonging to central province. This is the highest plateau in the country. This was declared as a National Park in 1988. The park area is 3160 hectare.
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Horton Plains National Park, an hour away from Nuwara Eliya. These plains, formed by millions of years of erosion, lie right on top of Sri Lanka's mountains. Here large herds of elk, silhouetted against clouds of the lowlands, move among scarlet rhododendrons. World's End gives you unparalled views of the flatlands to the south, as you teeter on the edge of an 800-metre high precipice.

Buffeted by the wind, the highlands of the Horton Plains NP include some of the island's most spectacular landscapes, with stretches of grassland and forest, giant ferns, trees clawing the clouds, and peat-rimmed lakes. This strange, wild, almost melancholy landscape was discovered by the tea planter Thomas Farr, who named it after Sir Robert Wilmot Horton, governor of the island from 1831 to 1837.

Overlooked by the Kirigalpota mountains, the second highest range on the island (2395 m), Horton Plains NP forms the western edge of the Hiputale range, poised high above the Ruhunu lowlands. Buffeted by the wind and too high (1800-2160 m) for farming, these vast highland prairies (patna) do not permit any kind of serious crop cultivation and have escaped the intensive exploitation of the centre of the island.

Most of the principal sites of interest can be visited in a 5-hour tour from either Nuwara Eliya or Kandapola.
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