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Rikille Falls & Rukmal Falls
Title Rikille Falls & Rukmal Falls
Description By: Haritha Waidyaratne
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Bulathkohupitiya is a small town hidden among the mountains of the hill country. From there , a motorable road leads through hair pin bends to Dedugala. On the way can be seen this waterfall in a very serene landscape . Where it originates and whither it flows , unknown to me. In Sinhalese Rikilla means branch of a tree , and Rikille stands for its possesive noun.

On the same way to Dedugala, this small but attractive Rukmal fall dances down a granite slope very close to the road. The area is not much disturbed by sounds except the perpetual rhythm of this beauty which has harped its tone to the singing of birds and rustle of leaves since time immemorial.
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