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Lakshapana & Baker's Falls
Title Lakshapana & Baker's Falls
Description By: Haritha Waidyaratne
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Lakshapana falls , popularly-known for the power plant established and named after it at the confluence of its stream ( Maskeli Oya ) and some other ( Kehelgamu Oya ), is another fascinating item lying hidden amidst forests and dales seldom trodden by man .From the road between Norton Bridge and Maskeliya there is offered a scaled-down view of the falls and panoramic sight of the terrain but if one wishes to get nearer one may take the by road towards the Polpitiya power station, after travelling around 2 km along which an inquiry from the villagers would help one find out the falls.

There was a time in the history of our island when the hitherto unknown and undisturbed treasures of nature were becoming revealed and revealed, some getting spoilt while some others getting protected as man understood the worth of them . This reference is to the colonial period when ,for the purposes of plantation and construction of Highways and Railways, there began large-scale forest clearing and the like. The sanitary rich Horton Plains is one of the places thus revealed by this procedure. Within the perimeter of which there are situated these beautiful falls known as the " Baker's" encompassed and enlivened by the atmosphere,which it would be no exaggeration to say the best found in the tiny isle.
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