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Mapanana & some other Falls
Title Mapanana & some other Falls
Description Haritha Waidyaratne
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"Mapanana Falls" found at the foot of the "Sri Pada"( Adam's Peak ) range are one of the tallest and the most beautifully formed falls meandering its way down from a height about 150 meteres. Carrying cooly and crystal clear waters from the springs where they are born in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary this fall is difficult to get near to due to many reasons,the hazard of sudden gushes of water during especially, rainy seasons,being one of them.During my visit there in '95 I also was prevented from wading upstream for the same reason by the villagers.The photo here appeared on The Lankadeepa,95-8-20 Sunday, by Kamilus Wanigasuriya.

This little known,but no less beautiful fall is situated off the remote town called Deraniyagala. The author himself came to know about it by the virtue of a front page photo to The Silumina ( one of the local weeklies ) by J.M.R.Jayaweera
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