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Hathmale Falls & Wadakada Falls
Title Hathmale Falls & Wadakada Falls
Description By: Haritha Waidyaratne
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These majestic seven storey ( hence "Hath Male" in Sinhala ) falls are situated in the village called Pallegama via Deniyaya around 125 miles from Colombo. Popular among locals for the bathing facility that it offers. It appears here by courtesy of R.A.Jayasinghe( note ) & L.Wanniarachchi( photo ) of The Lakbima on 97-2-16 Sunday

Wadakada is a typical rural Sri Lankan village encompassed between two highways which connect Colombo to the city of Kurunegala. There lived a poet called Wadakada Navaratne who shared the unspoilt beauty and calmness in his village with many a stranger through his ever-remembered poems which begins to linger and echo in one's ears as one steps into this far away place.

Though the small waterfall situated there is not known to many people , I thought it worth putting it here not just because of the reference made above but due to two other things: one being the fact that it had almost dried up when we first visited it and was full of splendour when we came back to the place after a heavy and an unseasonal downpour not many hours after. The other being the fact that I had to make myself almost parellel to the suface of water in the stream supported by my friend and a gaunt bush in order to avoid the obstacles and get a good view.
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