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Places to visit in Sri Lanka
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Nuwara Eliya
is an excellent getaway for trekkers and nature lovers.
1 33141 07 Oct 2008
1 28619 29 Apr 2007
Adams Peak
Sri Pada, also known as Adam's Peak or Adam's Mount, is a 2,243 metre (7,360 feet) tall, conical, mountain located in central Sri Lanka.
1 31870 08 Dec 2006
Horton Plains
Horton Plains National Park is in the highlands of the country belonging to central province. This is the highest plateau in the country. This was declared as a National Park in 1988. The park area is 3160 hectare.
1 33161 12 Nov 2006
An ancient fortress in the north (5th century A.D.).
2 32166 27 Sep 2006
Negombo was once a trading port for Portuguese and Dutch and is an ideal place for the tourists who need to access the airport. This city is also called a “ little Rome” because of its beautiful collection of Churches and Forts some of which date back to
1 31395 23 Sep 2006
This city is built around a lake and boasts of picturesque view of hills. This lake at the centre of the city makes the city very attractive and also helps in keeping the environment cool. This laid-back capital of Sri Lanka has a very distinct architectu
2 30764 23 Sep 2006
The Southern Capital. Today, Galle is the bustling provincial capital and administrative centre of the south. Galle was an ancient port (said to be the legendary Tarshish of the Bible), and our first international commerce and trade centre. The Nati
2 28600 23 Sep 2006
The capital of Sri Lanka is a frenetic city of almost 2 million people, with good hotels, restaurants and shopping. The streets of Colombo are filled with every form of transportation imaginable - buses, cars, trucks, tuk-tuks, ox carts, pedestrians, etc
2 31315 23 Sep 2006
128 miles (205km) from Colombo is Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s first capital founded about the 4th century BC. According to the Mahavansa, the Sinhala Buddhist chronicle, the city was a model of planning. Precincts were set aside for huntsmen and scavengers
2 38455 22 Sep 2006

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